Ludum Dare 23: Planet Conquered

Planet Conquered

Planet Conquered was a 48 hour game jam entry for Ludum Dare 23. The theme for Ludum Dare 23 was Tiny World. I originally intended to do a platformer where you ran around the world fending of alien invaders. So I created a small sphere world and intended to have my character move around it. After some prototyping it became clear that this wasn’t straight forward and I was going to have some issues with collision and actually rotating the default character controller. At this point I opted to flip the game on it’s head where instead you were a flying character, an alien invader and you must go from world to world, reducing them to rubble and conquering them.

Features that were cut:

  • A galaxy map showing your progression
  • Different Weapons
  • Physics Simulation on buildings so you can cut down their base and cause them to collapse

I had planned these for the game with an RPG like progression but while getting the game playable I began taking a scalpel to the features because I’ve matured as a developer and know well what I can accomplish in 48 hours. (The RPG aspect wasn’t even considered to be put in the jam, but for the future when I returned to the game)

To play the game:
Reduce the planet to rubble. Destroy all buildings and all hostile targets. Conquer all the planets for the EMPIRE!!

  • Use WASD to maneuver your ship
  • Aim with your mouse cursor
  • Left click to fire

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Here is time lapse video for Planet Conquered!