Build Up Your Pagoda

Build Up Your Pagoda

Build Up Your Pagoda was built in 48 hours for the 2012-13 Indie Speed Run. The Indie Speed Run was a competition sponsored by the Escapist Magazine where several teams got together and after submitting their team and entry form, were given a theme, an element and 48 hours to make a game. Our theme was “Construction” and our element was “Ninjas”. 48 hours later, this is what we produced. The team consisted of myself (Design, Code), James Conrad (Design, Code), Justin Moravetz (Particles, Cinematics, Music) and Max Maroe (Design, Code). You can find the entry here on the Escapist Magazine Website.

In the game you, as the evil lord, must construct traps in your pagoda to fend off the horde of ninjas who are attacking. Don’t let them reach you or it will come down to one on one combat where eventually you will be overcome. By building more floors, you put more distance between you and them. Building your pagoda also has a more sinister intention, to deploy your ultimate weapon and destroy the ninja village once and for all!

To play the game:

  • Use WASD or the arrow keys to move the camera
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Left click a trap on the menu bar to select it and left click on the floor of any level of your pagoda to place it
  • Hover over a trap to see its description.

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